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More Talk of Alexander

Author/Editor: Wilfred Barlow, M.D

Wilfred Barlow (1915-1991) qualified as a doctor in 1941 and as a teacher of the Technique in 1945. For this book he has carefully selected 36 articles on many and varied facets of the Technique including education, psychology, theology, art, science, and medicine. Some of these articles first appeared in the Alexander Journal in the 1960s and some are edited articles of Barlow’s own research into the Technique with additional information. Barlow has also included articles critical of the Technique: his report on the libel action which Alexander brought and won in South Africa, Dr. Skynner’s impression of his first twelve lessons, and Dr. Barlow’s own recommendations for the qualities pupils should seek in a teacher of the Technique. This edition has been revised and reset. [340+xii pages, pb, illustrated, Mouritz, 2005 (1978), imported]

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