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ACGM 2019

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Mission Statement of ACGM 2019:  

To provide a conference that inspires, educates and supports exploration and action through skill-building workshops, opportunities for networking, socializing and initiatives to increase AmSAT membership and build membership participation.

To support the theme of this year’s conference,  the 2019 ACGM Planning Committee will  inspire our members’ outreach to new populations, particularly into under-served and/or historically disadvantaged communities. Our goal is to consciously increase diversity of all forms within the AmSAT community with the aim to foster vibrancy and uphold our commitment to ensure the Technique benefits all people.

Stay tuned - registration opening has been delayed slightly while we put the finishing touches on the schedule.

Volunteers are needed to join the ACGM team! Let’s cultivate the most welcoming ACGM and the most inclusive Alexander Technique community as we increase engagement and the diversity of ideas and work to expand into new communities. The conference will be held at Columbia University in New York City June 26-30. Email ACGM Chair Renee Schneider at to get involved.

Other opportunities to support the ACGM: 

Logo Contest for ACGM 2019:  Deadline February 5, 2019

- click HERE for the rules and application, or contact for more information

Donate Auction items! Proceeds fund much-needed research.

Tell your AT students, colleagues and friends to meet you at the ACGM!

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Attendees' Convocation - ACGM 2019

At the 2018 AGM, the Attendees' Convocation was established to provide positive direction to AmSAT through 2-hour sessions for discussion and action, attendees only, each year at the ACGM. 

Discussion topics and procedural information are available through the Community Forum under the tab "AmSAT Business General".

ACGM Information

ACGM Logo Contest Rules and Application

2019 Proposal Guidelines


Lodging and Transportation

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Things to do in New York City

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Committee Contacts

Renee Schneider, Chair            

Lisa First                                

Kecia Chen                            

Ian Jorgensen                        

Constance Clare-Newman       


Board Liaisons:

Josephine Gray                     

Rick Carbaugh                     


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