Research Grant Recipients


January 2016

 Research 2016The AmSAT Research Committee has awarded the 2016 AmSAT research grant to Co Prinicipal Investigators Ann Rodiger, Carol Boggs and Ed Bouchard to conduct their investigations Alexander Technique Teacher Competency Assessment Project 2016 Conference at Balance Arts Center. The projects purpose is(a) to test the hypothesis whether scientifically rigorous measurement methods will show a coherent logic represented by AT teacher knowledge, and (b) to employ that logic to construct an AT teacher assessment protocol. The applicants are systematically developing an AT teacher assessment instrument according to scientific assessment standards using item analysis modeling (IRM). The first three years of the project have mainly been distilling AT teacher knowledge. This phase of the project will organize the conceptual information and shape it into a form suitable for instrument pilot testing. Information about their research will be available to members in the AmSAT Journal and/or at a future ACGM.


January 2015 John Baron

Five very professional and promising grant proposals were reviewed and assessed by a panel of peer experts. The AmSAT Research committee has awarded the grant to John Baron and his co-investigators Dr. David Anderson and Dr. Kate Hamel of San Francisco State University for their study, “Fall Risk, Balance and Mobility in Older Adults with and without Alexander Technique Training”.  

The ultimate goal of the current proposal is to determine whether lessons in the Alexander Technique (AT) can improve gait and minimize fall risk in older adults, particularly those older adults already at heightened risk for falls. The logical first step toward accomplishing this goal is to examine the differences in gait, mobility, and fall risk behavior in older adults with significant experience in the AT and age-matched older adults with no AT training. The specific aims for the first phase of this project are to examine the differences between AT teachers and controls on:  system-level impairments related to balance, mobility and fall risk; clinical measures of balance and mobility; biomechanical measures of gait and balance associated with an increased risk of falling; and subjective measures of functional dependence and body awareness.

January 2014

Laurel Podulke-SmithAmSAT has awarded the 2014 Research Grant to Laurel Podulke for her project: "Alexander Technique Training at the Mayo Clinic: A Survey Study."  Laurel and her co-investigators Dr. Lynne Shuster and Dr. Diana Orbelo are studying and reporting on the process of integrating lessons in the Alexander Technique into varied on-going medical practices at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  The survey study assesses patients' reasons for trying AT, the extent to which practice/lessons continue, symptioms or conditions relieved, and overall evaluations of AT students' experience with the work and how it may impact or support their medical treatment.  Data will be published and used foundationally to plan future studies evaluating the impact of AT delivery to the corporate heathcare setting.  Laurel gave AmSAT members in attendance at ACGM 2014 a fascinating update on the progress of her project.

January 2013Gabriella Minnes Brandes

Proposals were reviewed by three researchers and the grant has been awarded to Gabriella Minnes Brandes (principal investigator) for her project: “Enhancing actors’ interactions on stage using Alexander Technique.”  As Gabriella and her co-investigator, Gregory Corness, conduct their investigations, information about their research will be available to members in the AmSAT Journal and/or at a future ACGM.  

January 2012

Rachel CavalcantiThe recipient of AmSAT’s pilot research grant program is Raquel Cavalcanti (principal investigator, with Fernande Girard, CanSTAT) for her project, “Investigating the Alexander Technique in dance teaching: Searching the common grounds.”  Grant proposals were reviewed by three researchers: two from within the Alexander community and one from a different but related field. As Raquel and her co-investigator, Fernande Girard, conduct their investigations their research will be shared with the membership through the AmSAT Journal and presented at a future ACGM.  


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