Teacher Training Requirements

In order to be eligible for Certification by the American Society for the Alexander Technique, an
individual must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in each of the following areas:

1. An understanding of Alexander’s basic concepts: use of the self, direction, inhibition, primary control, end gaining and the means whereby, doing and non-doing, faulty sensory appreciation, and conscious control.

2. An ability to maintain a high standard of use of the self throughout one’s daily activities.

3. An ability to maintain a high level of use of the self while teaching the Alexander Technique.

4. An ability to convey to the student, in one’s own words, as well as through the use of one’s hands, the basic concepts of the Technique.

5. A thorough knowledge of F. M. Alexander’s writings, his life, and the history of the Technique; and a familiarity with the other literature pertaining to the Technique.

6. A basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology as it applies to the principles of the Technique.

7. Familiarity with the purpose of — and proficiency in performing and teaching — Alexander’s basic procedures: individual lessons, chair work, table work, monkey, "whispered ah,” putting hands on the back of a chair, and lunge.

8. An ability to apply the principles of the Technique while observing and assisting the student in the performance of specialized skills, and an ability to aid the student in applying this knowledge to him/herself.

9. An ongoing commitment to pursue post-graduate study in the Alexander Technique in order to develop and improve one’s use of the self and teaching skills.



AmSAT Handbook – Member Edition © 2009, American Society for the Alexander Technique, Inc.