Teacher Training Requirements

From the AmSAT Bylaws: Article 3, Section 1. Eligibility for Certification.

A person shall be eligible for certification by AmSAT if he/she:

A. Has satisfactorily completed a teacher training course approved by AmSAT and has been recommended for certification in a letter submitted to the Board of Directors by the training course director with whom the applicant has completed his or her final year of training; or

B. Is, at the time of application for certification, eligible to be a member of any organization affiliated with and recognized by AmSAT and submits a written recommendation to the Board from the secretary of that society attesting that the applicant is eligible for membership or is currently a member-in-good-standing of that society; or

C. Has completed or is in a teacher training course not approved by AmSAT, and

i. Applies to the Credentials Review Committee for assessment of qualification relative to AmSAT certification requirements.

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