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AmSAT Statements on Diversity and Anti-Racism


June 17, 2020 Statement from the Diversity Committee:

On May 17th, 2020 the Board for The American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) approved the creation of the AmSAT Diversity Committee. This committee's inception proved to be more timely than ever anticipated.

We acknowledge and support the Black individuals of our membership and community who are severely underrepresented as teachers and students. It is critical to do the deep work to understand why this is the case and to make and promote conscious change.

The Diversity Committee is committed to creating educational opportunities, compiling resources, and taking action on behalf of the AmSAT membership. Initial committee tasks include expanding AmSAT's non-discrimination policy and statements, creating statements on inclusivity and anti-racism, and developing ongoing education on anti-racism and diversity.

Some of the focused work we are currently doing for our membership includes:

  • Developing an Inclusivity/Anti-Racist statement for AmSAT.
  • Expanding and updating the 1994 non-discrimination policy and statements.
  • Developing an AT specific webinar on anti-racism and diversity work.

For those looking to engage with the topic of diversity and anti-racism, a list of resources can be accessed HERE.

We proudly support the establishment of the Judith Leibowitz Scholarship Fund which supports people of color to train as teachers of the Alexander Technique.

The Diversity Committee is just getting started. We plan to do much more to make AmSAT and our Alexander Technique community more inclusive, more actively diverse, and more at the vanguard of an anti-racist future.

If you feel moved, feel free to connect with us before then:


June 8th, 2020:

On behalf of the community of Alexander Technique teachers and teacher trainees, the AmSAT Board of Directors wishes to express our deep sadness and distress in the wake of the senseless death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black people in the US and around the globe. AmSAT believes that Black Lives Matter. We condemn anti-Black violence and stand in solidarity with those protesting racism. A more comprehensive statement, written in conjunction with AmSAT's Diversity Committee, is in progress. In addition, AmSAT will begin to develop clear opportunities and resources for our members to learn and engage with anti-racism work and will share these initiatives as they are developed. AmSAT strives to be inclusive, listen, and advocate for accessibility and racial equity within our organization, and will continue to do so.


AmSAT's Board of Directors





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