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AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique) is the largest professional organization of teachers of the Alexander Technique in the United States. AmSAT-certified teachers have completed a comprehensive training over a minimum of three years at an AmSAT approved teacher training course.

AmSAT is affiliated with eighteen international societies of teachers of the Alexander Technique committed to supporting the highest standards of teaching, professional training and conduct worldwide.

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$95,000 raised so far for BIPOC trainees!

Since 2019, AmSAT’s Judith Leibowitz Scholarship Fund (JLSF) Committee has raised more than $95,000.

Thank you to so many Alexander teachers who believe in expanding diversity in AmSAT and the AT profession! The JLSF provides scholarships for people of color to train in the Alexander Technique at an AmSAT-approved course of their choice. It is just one initiative that AmSAT has developed to support diversity, equity and inclusion in the organization.

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