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Alice Olsher, Member-at-Large

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  • AmSAT Board of Directors Member-at-Large, June 2023 - present
  • Grew up in California where she did theatre in high school. She then studied and worked in the theatre in England.
  • Trained to teach the Alexander Technique at the Constructive Teaching Centre in London with Walter and Dilys Carrington.and taught with them for 15 years before returning to California.
  • In London Alice served on both the Training Course Committee and the Professional Conduct Committee for 7 years.
  • Alice became Director of her own teacher training course in San Diego (2008) where she was assisted by Rome Earle and Eileen Troberman gave Anatomy talks
  • Alice also does a lot of postgraduate teaching both in person and online and has been an active member of The Teacher Training Directors committee.
  • In 2017 Alice was chair of the ACGM committee.
  • In 2019 she helped on the ACGM committee and mentored the chair, Renee Schneider.
  • Alice had also offered workshops and private lessons at many ACGMs and joined the Constructive Teaching Centre team at the Chicago Congress in 2018 and 2022 in Berlin.
  • She has given talks for Huddle and The Judith Leibowitz Scholarship Fund.


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