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AmSAT's New Logo

Have you noticed that AmSAT has a new logo that incorporates our association's slogan, “Mindfulness in Action"?  Have you seen the bright new colors on AmSAT's website?

The Strategic Brand Identity (SBI) team of the Marketing Committee tackled the challenge of updating AmSAT's logo and brand image to something fresh and modern.  The SBI team identified and engaged with a designer who created a new logo incorporating AmSAT’s slogan, “Mindfulness in Action.”  After many months and several rounds of painstaking revisions, the new logo was approval by the AmSAT Board in late 2022.

We were thrilled when the new logo appeared on our association's website a few weeks ago, with colors updated to match it.  It's also visible in the eUPdate and it will soon be used in AmSAT’s social media postings as well as on the newly redesigned AmSAT website.  The Marketing Committee expects to produce merchandise bearing the new logo that can be used to promote the Alexander Technique and raise revenue for AmSAT.

The Marketing Committee will soon make the new logo available to members for use on their websites and marketing materials.  Stay tuned!

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